About the Latino Leadership Collaborative of Kansas

Three leading Latino organizations in Topeka, Topeka League of United Latina American Citizens (LULAC) Council, El Centro of Topeka and MANA de Topeka are joining together to create a leadership development program supported by the Kansas Leadership Center. The program is the first of its kind in Kansas and invites participates looking for a unique and rigorous leadership training opportunity.

The Latino Leadership Collaborative will seek 25 participants to train and enhance the placement of Latinos on boards, organizations, committees, community projects and policy-making positions. The project aims to ensure that the Latino community is realizing its full potential by increasing leadership capacity of current leaders and developing new leaders. The impact of the program will be create  healthy, vibrant and prosperous Topeka community.


The Latino Leadership Collective of Kansas identifies, trains and enhances the placement of young and seasoned Latinos on boards, organizations, committees, community projects, and policy-making positions in order to ensure that the Latino community realizing its full potential.


Talented and Trained Latino Leaders will participate in policy-making positions, boards, committees, and community projects throughout the Topeka community.

Program Benefits

-Enhanced leadership skills
-Increased understanding of community issues and needs
-Expanded contacts within the community
-Opportunities to network with Topeka leaders in business and government

-Improved leadership, presentation, and communication skills
-Heightened awareness of professionalism and group dynamics
-Increased knowledge of community issues and how to work within the system to effect change
-Opportunity to network with a select group of up and coming Latino leaders

-The government, business, and nonprofit sector will have an increased number of Latino leaders and a broader, more diverse representation.
-Civic & Policy-making Organizations
-Diversified boards and committees
-Improved agency programs and services
-Insight and understanding of Topeka’s Latino community
-Expanded network of resources

Placement Referral
The LLC identifies and links opportunities for placing 100% of its graduates. The program promotes volunteer placement through the network of LLC participants, and responds to direct requests from agencies. Matches are based on organizational need and participant skills, expertise, availability, and interest.