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February 1, 2022

Latino Community Leadership Program Now Accepting Applications

Three leading Latino organizations in Topeka, Topeka League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Council #11071, El Centro of Topeka and MANA de Topeka are now accepting applicants for the next leadership session of the Latino Leadership Collaborative of Kansas. In it’s sixth year of the program, the Collaborative has graduated 60+ students through a unique and rigorous leadership training opportunity.

The Latino Leadership Collaborative will seek 25 participants to train and enhance the placement of Latinos on boards, organizations, committees, community projects and policy-making positions. The project aims to ensure that the Latino community is realizing its full potential by increasing leadership capacity of current leaders and developing new leaders. The impact of the program will be create healthy, vibrant and prosperous Topeka community. Details of how to apply will be available through the participating organizations.

“The idea behind the collaborative is to bring together three vital organizations with the common goal of training invested community leaders.” Tina Williams, MANA de Topeka member

Lalo Munoz, Executive Director of El Centro of Topeka said “This program will create a growing community wide network of Latino leaders that will have an impact in our communities and our businesses across Topeka.”

“We strive to continue the ongoing education of our Latinos to make them more active participants in our community giving them a “voice” in how we grow as a whole.” Veronica Padilla, President of LULAC Topeka Council #11071

This years community Latino Leadership Collaborative program is scheduled to begin in May 2022 and complete in September 2022. All interested parties are invited to submit an application. Click here to download application. The deadline for receipt of applications is: April 22, 2022. Applications received after that date will be considered according to space availability. Please submit questions about the program and/or application process to

LULACSHIELD Topeka LULAC Council #11071
Picture1 El Centro de Topeka